About Happy Monkey


Happy Monkey's mission is to build a multi-brand kids' apparel webstore that is stylishly eco-friendly. We believe our children deserve to be kept safe from naughty chemicals & bad quality clothing. 

Our core focus is to offer clothing for kids that are made of organic, natural, & eco-friendly fabrics. We want super soft, hypoallergenic, toxin-free & insanely stylish clothes for the little monkeys. So here, we curate a one-stop shopping platform for healthier fashion. Our clothes are fabulous for all children, & double fab for those with sensitive skin. 


Happy Monkey sets out to be the platform for international eco-friendly apparel brands to debut or gain greater presence in Singapore. We want to add style & vibrancy to the kids' eco-fashion dialogue in our region. So we scout the world over for amazing brands who share our vision & invite them to join our little party.

The common denominator of our brands is fabulous design x super comfy chemical-free materials. We want our children to be safe from unhealthy substances, but let's face it, we also want them to have street cred!


For completeness, we offer a small range of eco-friendly care products, including hypoallergenic diapers, laundry detergent, tissues & wipes. These products are super for every family, & super duper if your kids have sensitive skin. 


We carry scratch mitts by Scratch Sleeves, a specialty product for eczema-stricken kids, to prevent them from shredding their skin through endless scratching. This is an add-on for parents who are shopping our clothing & care products for kids with sensitive skin. Say bye bye to blood & tears with these scratch mitts. 


Finally, since there is that old saying that monkeys are best taken care of when mommy is happy, we present Happy Mommy Bar & Spa collections. Enjoy clean living indulgences like natural wines & toxin free nail polish. We want our mommies to take a break every now & then. 

Happy Shopping!

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