"CloverSoft was formed when an idea sparked about a product that was missing from the marketplace. Every household stocks hygiene and bathroom tissues and wipes in a variety of brands but they have two things in common – every roll and wipe is made from trees, and they are filled with chemicals.

The desire to create safe, nontoxic, high quality, eco-friendly and affordable daily consumables resulted in the founders quitting their high paying stable job to pursue this dream.

An unexpected resource – BAMBOO was found! After extensive study and time spent at the bamboo plantations, the founders were satisfied that unbleached bamboo is truly a safer and more sustainable choice that has no chemical and has a smaller carbon footprint.

Working day and night with reputable labs, the founders were satisfied with the final products. The first range of CloverSoft unbleached bamboo tissues and wipes were created.

It is definitely not easy for CloverSoft to create a product that has everything such as softness, good quality without relying on harmful chemicals. Another struggle is to have consumers switch and accept the natural colour of our tissues.

The team at CloverSoft are a happy bunch listening to our customers’ needs constantly to create their wants. These customers have become a part of CloverSoft’s family. Our goal is to employ and make them a happy team.

CloverSoft is proud to be the first to bring bamboo products into Singapore.

Along the way, our ideas were copied. The strong integrity within the team at CloverSoft to constantly create the best for our community makes all these challenges worthwhile.

The founders are also very blessed to have made friends with great people such as the descendant of one of Singapore’s top banker and many other high profile and public individuals who has become a part of CloverSoft’s family providing endless of support." ~ excerpt from Cloversoft.

More about Cloversoft here.

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